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Staying Hydrated

You feel the heat or not, its summer or winter, autumn or spring, you have to stay HYDRATED at all times. Many times, our body sends signals which our minds do not pick up properly. Some feel low while some irritated, some get severe headaches, all because the water levels in the body are too low.

Staying Hydrated

Remember we are made of 5 Elements known as ‘PANCH MAHABHUTA’ in Sanskrit:

  1. Akash = Ether
  2. Vayu = Air
  3. Agni = Fire
  4. Prithvi = Earth
  5. Jal = Water

It is the water that dominates all. Now, let’s get the facts straight. Water regulates the internal body temperature. All the activities like metabolism of carbohydrates and picking proteins from the food are performed by the water. The brain and spinal cord are insulated by water acting like a shock absorber. There are several other tasks that the water performs. Long story short, you need to drink loads of water or healthy, homemade fresh juices.


  1. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times. Even if you are going out for a 5-minute walk, carry it!
  2. When you are going on a long journey carry ample bottles. Whether you are sure or not that you will get stores or cafes to get water carry bottles.
  3. If you workout regularly, your body needs more liquid as it loses a lot of water through sweat. Keep a tab on how much you drink throughout the day.
  4. Water can be boring at all times for some people, learn recipes of making healthy juices and soups. Buying readymade ones can be unhealthy as they have high levels of sugar in them.
  5. Do not gulp water all at once. Keep sipping in bits and at regular intervals. If you have the habit of forgetting, keep a bottle in front of you.