Start the day with gratitude

Have you had days when you slept well, woke up fresh, ate a good breakfast and yet felt something is amiss? And, certainly, you must have had days when no matter how much you planned and how well planned, everything turned out to be a disaster! Well, there is a common thread in such occurrences – GRATITUDE! At a very basic level, it simply means being thankful and at a spiritual level, it means being content.

Start the day

You do not have to get into any idol worship, chant hymns, sing prayers or be an ardent devotee to express your gratitude. In fact, you can be an existentialist, non-believer in spiritual existences, an atheist for that matter and yet express the best gratitude.

Remember we did not create ourselves and we have so many people and entities to be thankful for. Also, we forget being thankful to ourselves for being tough when times were bad and being soft and kind when times needed love.


  1. Science has proved that our hands are energy points. When you wake up, even before opening your eyes, rub your palms and put them on your eyes and move across the face.
  2. Start your day with a little prayer. You can find endless prayers online to attract positivity and begin your day. But, it is best to make one on your own so that you feel it when you chant it.
  3. Do not rush out of your bed. Observe your breathing. Gain control over it and be thankful that you are aware of your movements.
  4. Think about the wonderful people and things in your life that you are blessed with. Be thankful for them to make your life a bit easier and merrier.
  5. Do not forget to be thankful to yourself for achieving all the little things that meant a lot to you but others did not notice them at all.