Always eat right

Each body type has a different requirement in terms of nourishment. You may be young now but you cannot be young forever, not even at heart how much ever you say that. But, you can certainly stay strong forever if you ALWAYS EAT RIGHT! The biggest gift for your body is to nourish it with healthy food. You can miss out on exercising but, you should never miss out on eating healthy!

eat right

Your body needs iron, magnesium, proteins, vitamins, and even fats and carbohydrates. If you have health conditions then you might need specific ingredients in specific quantities. It is only the right food that will give you the superpower to carry on through your toughest days.


  1. Learn about healthy and organic food. Read about your local produce and which are best foods as per your geography and climate. Invest in veggies and fruits more.
  2. Prepare a diet chart, do not depend on others or even the internet to do so. You know your body well than anyone else and you can plan better food for it.
  3. Do not hesitate to pamper with food loaded with fats and carbohydrates. But, do not call it a “cheat food”. It can send “guilt signals” to your body and you might fall for the practices.
  4. Drink a glass of warm water before you begin to eat (preferably 30 to 15 minutes before actual eating). It triggers digestion.
  5. Always sit and have your food. Chew slowly and relish each bite. If you are in a hurry, eat a small portion but never eat as you walk.