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It is indeed easier to be motivated by watching your favorite celebs getting their body crafted in the gym. You might be so tempted to join the Pilates class or enroll for the boot camp session. But, let me drop the bomb… IT DOES NOT MATTER AT ALL! Yes, you read it right. Such inspirations are often short lived and people repent wasting money. It is not about doing it once a week but doing it more often. And, it is about doing every day at the same time.



  1. Observe your schedule. The target is to appoint that hour of the day, which allows you to work out with max concentration. It can be early morning or late night. But, the catch is it should be EVERY DAY at the SAME TIME.
  2. Plan it in your mind. You need to set a routine. However, it cannot be monotonous. A same boring routine like running every day in the same park can put you off.
  3. Mix different activities like rope skipping, weights, swimming, badminton etc to break the monotony. However, it is important to take a break once a week or your body signals you to.
  4. Choose a corner for inspiration or warm up. Spend some quiet time there to encourage yourself for sticking to the routine. Revise your good moves and how you can improve.
  5. Watch inspirational videos, engage in healthy discussions, join communities or online forums to discuss health and fitness routines. Work out on your routines and bring in some creativity.

Always eat right

Each body type has a different requirement in terms of nourishment. You may be young now but you cannot be young forever, not even at heart how much ever you say that. But, you can certainly stay strong forever if you ALWAYS EAT RIGHT! The biggest gift for your body is to nourish it with healthy food. You can miss out on exercising but, you should never miss out on eating healthy!

eat right

Your body needs iron, magnesium, proteins, vitamins, and even fats and carbohydrates. If you have health conditions then you might need specific ingredients in specific quantities. It is only the right food that will give you the superpower to carry on through your toughest days.


  1. Learn about healthy and organic food. Read about your local produce and which are best foods as per your geography and climate. Invest in veggies and fruits more.
  2. Prepare a diet chart, do not depend on others or even the internet to do so. You know your body well than anyone else and you can plan better food for it.
  3. Do not hesitate to pamper with food loaded with fats and carbohydrates. But, do not call it a “cheat food”. It can send “guilt signals” to your body and you might fall for the practices.
  4. Drink a glass of warm water before you begin to eat (preferably 30 to 15 minutes before actual eating). It triggers digestion.
  5. Always sit and have your food. Chew slowly and relish each bite. If you are in a hurry, eat a small portion but never eat as you walk.

Staying Hydrated

You feel the heat or not, its summer or winter, autumn or spring, you have to stay HYDRATED at all times. Many times, our body sends signals which our minds do not pick up properly. Some feel low while some irritated, some get severe headaches, all because the water levels in the body are too low.

Staying Hydrated

Remember we are made of 5 Elements known as ‘PANCH MAHABHUTA’ in Sanskrit:

  1. Akash = Ether
  2. Vayu = Air
  3. Agni = Fire
  4. Prithvi = Earth
  5. Jal = Water

It is the water that dominates all. Now, let’s get the facts straight. Water regulates the internal body temperature. All the activities like metabolism of carbohydrates and picking proteins from the food are performed by the water. The brain and spinal cord are insulated by water acting like a shock absorber. There are several other tasks that the water performs. Long story short, you need to drink loads of water or healthy, homemade fresh juices.


  1. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times. Even if you are going out for a 5-minute walk, carry it!
  2. When you are going on a long journey carry ample bottles. Whether you are sure or not that you will get stores or cafes to get water carry bottles.
  3. If you workout regularly, your body needs more liquid as it loses a lot of water through sweat. Keep a tab on how much you drink throughout the day.
  4. Water can be boring at all times for some people, learn recipes of making healthy juices and soups. Buying readymade ones can be unhealthy as they have high levels of sugar in them.
  5. Do not gulp water all at once. Keep sipping in bits and at regular intervals. If you have the habit of forgetting, keep a bottle in front of you.


Start the day with gratitude

Have you had days when you slept well, woke up fresh, ate a good breakfast and yet felt something is amiss? And, certainly, you must have had days when no matter how much you planned and how well planned, everything turned out to be a disaster! Well, there is a common thread in such occurrences – GRATITUDE! At a very basic level, it simply means being thankful and at a spiritual level, it means being content.

Start the day

You do not have to get into any idol worship, chant hymns, sing prayers or be an ardent devotee to express your gratitude. In fact, you can be an existentialist, non-believer in spiritual existences, an atheist for that matter and yet express the best gratitude.

Remember we did not create ourselves and we have so many people and entities to be thankful for. Also, we forget being thankful to ourselves for being tough when times were bad and being soft and kind when times needed love.


  1. Science has proved that our hands are energy points. When you wake up, even before opening your eyes, rub your palms and put them on your eyes and move across the face.
  2. Start your day with a little prayer. You can find endless prayers online to attract positivity and begin your day. But, it is best to make one on your own so that you feel it when you chant it.
  3. Do not rush out of your bed. Observe your breathing. Gain control over it and be thankful that you are aware of your movements.
  4. Think about the wonderful people and things in your life that you are blessed with. Be thankful for them to make your life a bit easier and merrier.
  5. Do not forget to be thankful to yourself for achieving all the little things that meant a lot to you but others did not notice them at all.

Tidying Up In 2016!

new year fresh start

How comfortable it would be to have a readymade life? However, by now you must have realized that the essence of living is to evolve from the everyday complexities. There are tough codes to crack, barb wires to crawl beneath, and grids to align so that you find a meaningful living. Following the map of others will never take you to your destination. You might not find your ground reality in theirs and you might end up dejected. Such are the times when you feel like hitting the reboot button of your life. Fortunately there are means where you can design the reboot button and hit it whenever you wish. Tidying up is the blueprint for it.

# Look at everything afresh!

After few weeks, the resolutions crawl in the dusty corners of the homes or offices. You often find them as you are tidying up!


That’s because you look at the same old resolutions with the same old pair of eyes. Start afresh not just on the first day of year but every day of the year. Everyday should be treated with the same enthusiasm as January 1st. Monitor your every action that means even breathing! When you think that everything is rushing past you, stop that very moment, breathe deep, set your grip, and restart. It’s alright to be slow in the beginning but once you get a hang of it, it will come naturally to you.

How to Start Afresh?

  1. Don’t be Judgmental.
  2. Praise others for their good work and compliment them for their true beauty.
  3. You will get praises and compliments; take them gracefully instead of shying away.
  4. Do one good deed a day call your old friend, offer food or water, give your seat etc.
  5. Smile throughout the day.

Start Afresh

#Small Goals:

Don’t promise yourself to be a millionaire when you are working as a mid-level executive. Please just don’t! Instead make some small goals that work like steps towards a bigger goal. For instance, you can plan to spend less, save more, and invest your saved money. Making small goals will keep you motivated as they are easier to achieve. What you can do further is set a larger goal with smaller goals as the stepping stones. As you tick the smaller goals, you will be ascending towards the greater one. Don’t dream big, rather aim small and fulfill all your dreams!

How Set Small Goals?

  1. List down all the things that you aim to achieve.
  2. Divide them on the basis of difficulties.
  3. Plan to achieve them by setting shorter goals and setting a deadline.
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask for help (especially a professional one)!
  5. Never be harsh on yourself and celebrate the little victories.

set small goals

#Dealing with Grudges:

Fights and arguments, heated conversations and misconstrued dialogues are inevitable. It is after these things happen, how you deal with them is important. Some people love to play the blame game and pin it onto others. Sensitive ones over-burden themselves with the guilt by over-thinking. Take a moment to analyze. In this glorious New Year, you need to set all the differences apart. This doesn’t mean you have to be apologetic every time (this can give a wrong signal). Dealing with grudges especially at the professional front becomes tricky but necessary.

How To Deal With The Grudges?

  1. If you tend to lose your mind in anger, don’t count numbers….it never worked for me.
  2. Keep quiet and listen what the person has to say (mentally register all the things said).
  3. Explain him calmly that you can’t talk at this moment and you both need a breather.
  4. Structure your thoughts coherently and sit down to discuss.
  5. Train your tone and voice while having such discussions and choose a private place.



This should ideally be your first resolution for 2016! It is not easy to work on the resolutions. You need determination and perseverance while you work on the resolutions. Only a clear and still mind can help you reflect better on your actions. When your mind isn’t cluttered you can be at peace and work on your goals better. You can stay focused and work in full enthusiasm if your mind is not cluttered with all the guilt or frustration of 2015. Moreover as days pass, you might do certain wrongs, instead of sulking over it, you can start afresh by tidying up and move ahead.

How To Meditate?

  1. Sit on the floor (possibly on a mat or rug) with spine erect.
  2. Fold your legs gently so that you should not feel any discomfort.
  3. Keep your hands on lap.
  4. Focus on your breathing (and smile).
  5. Quiet your mind by concentrating on the forehead between your eyebrows.


It is not easy to quiet the mind that has been worked up for so many years. Begin with 5 minutes and as you grow comfortable, you can stretch it to 30 or 60 minutes.

As you grow more conscious about your actions, you will be inclined in improving them every day. The more you work on bettering yourself, you make others happy. How? You inspire them for the change that you incorporated. When you are happy, nothing can destroy it for you! This year you are not breaking the resolutions but your old bad habits by tidying up!