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Tidying Up In 2016!

new year fresh start

How comfortable it would be to have a readymade life? However, by now you must have realized that the essence of living is to evolve from the everyday complexities. There are tough codes to crack, barb wires to crawl beneath, and grids to align so that you find a meaningful living. Following the map of others will never take you to your destination. You might not find your ground reality in theirs and you might end up dejected. Such are the times when you feel like hitting the reboot button of your life. Fortunately there are means where you can design the reboot button and hit it whenever you wish. Tidying up is the blueprint for it.

# Look at everything afresh!

After few weeks, the resolutions crawl in the dusty corners of the homes or offices. You often find them as you are tidying up!


That’s because you look at the same old resolutions with the same old pair of eyes. Start afresh not just on the first day of year but every day of the year. Everyday should be treated with the same enthusiasm as January 1st. Monitor your every action that means even breathing! When you think that everything is rushing past you, stop that very moment, breathe deep, set your grip, and restart. It’s alright to be slow in the beginning but once you get a hang of it, it will come naturally to you.

How to Start Afresh?

  1. Don’t be Judgmental.
  2. Praise others for their good work and compliment them for their true beauty.
  3. You will get praises and compliments; take them gracefully instead of shying away.
  4. Do one good deed a day call your old friend, offer food or water, give your seat etc.
  5. Smile throughout the day.

Start Afresh

#Small Goals:

Don’t promise yourself to be a millionaire when you are working as a mid-level executive. Please just don’t! Instead make some small goals that work like steps towards a bigger goal. For instance, you can plan to spend less, save more, and invest your saved money. Making small goals will keep you motivated as they are easier to achieve. What you can do further is set a larger goal with smaller goals as the stepping stones. As you tick the smaller goals, you will be ascending towards the greater one. Don’t dream big, rather aim small and fulfill all your dreams!

How Set Small Goals?

  1. List down all the things that you aim to achieve.
  2. Divide them on the basis of difficulties.
  3. Plan to achieve them by setting shorter goals and setting a deadline.
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask for help (especially a professional one)!
  5. Never be harsh on yourself and celebrate the little victories.

set small goals

#Dealing with Grudges:

Fights and arguments, heated conversations and misconstrued dialogues are inevitable. It is after these things happen, how you deal with them is important. Some people love to play the blame game and pin it onto others. Sensitive ones over-burden themselves with the guilt by over-thinking. Take a moment to analyze. In this glorious New Year, you need to set all the differences apart. This doesn’t mean you have to be apologetic every time (this can give a wrong signal). Dealing with grudges especially at the professional front becomes tricky but necessary.

How To Deal With The Grudges?

  1. If you tend to lose your mind in anger, don’t count numbers….it never worked for me.
  2. Keep quiet and listen what the person has to say (mentally register all the things said).
  3. Explain him calmly that you can’t talk at this moment and you both need a breather.
  4. Structure your thoughts coherently and sit down to discuss.
  5. Train your tone and voice while having such discussions and choose a private place.



This should ideally be your first resolution for 2016! It is not easy to work on the resolutions. You need determination and perseverance while you work on the resolutions. Only a clear and still mind can help you reflect better on your actions. When your mind isn’t cluttered you can be at peace and work on your goals better. You can stay focused and work in full enthusiasm if your mind is not cluttered with all the guilt or frustration of 2015. Moreover as days pass, you might do certain wrongs, instead of sulking over it, you can start afresh by tidying up and move ahead.

How To Meditate?

  1. Sit on the floor (possibly on a mat or rug) with spine erect.
  2. Fold your legs gently so that you should not feel any discomfort.
  3. Keep your hands on lap.
  4. Focus on your breathing (and smile).
  5. Quiet your mind by concentrating on the forehead between your eyebrows.


It is not easy to quiet the mind that has been worked up for so many years. Begin with 5 minutes and as you grow comfortable, you can stretch it to 30 or 60 minutes.

As you grow more conscious about your actions, you will be inclined in improving them every day. The more you work on bettering yourself, you make others happy. How? You inspire them for the change that you incorporated. When you are happy, nothing can destroy it for you! This year you are not breaking the resolutions but your old bad habits by tidying up!

D.I.Y. Breathing!!!

D.I.Y. Breathing

Ever wondered when do we exactly begin to breathe? Our lungs are filled with fluid when we are in the wombs. The first and the most profound change that we or our body experience upon birth is the ‘BREATH’. You might not want to believe that first few breaths after our birth are the most difficult ones. Science says that our first breaths are shallow and irregular so that we can adjust ourselves to the new life. Soon, our breaths become deeper and regular. But I feel that as we begin to grow, we tend to lose our ability to breathe fully and unencumbered.

Know your facts:

  • On an average majority of the people breathe 12-15 times in one minute. This way they use only 20% or even lesser capacity of their lungs.
  • Consequences of such shallow breathing are innumerable. From mild headaches to anxiety and sleeplessness to stress, everything is related with our breathing.
  • There are several factors like restricting clothing, bad posture, mindlessly sitting in front of computer or T.V., diets, pollution, smoking etc. that lead to rushed breathing.
  • You need to expand your lung capacity by deeper and fuller breathing. The first sign of such breathing is that your 12-15 breathes per minute will come down gradually.
  • What more? It will come to you naturally and instinctively. You’ll not have to consciously put efforts into it.

Some Interesting Facts:

  • What The Yogis Say:

I always felt there is something very poetic and musical about breathing. Upon research I came across some delightful insights by Yogis who have mastered the art of breathing. They believe that breathing 11 times per minute makes you understand the language of the birds and the animals around you. When you pull it 9 times per minute, you’ll learn the language of the Earth. The moment it goes to 7 times per minute, you prepare yourself to know the meaning of existence.

  • Take Your Time:

You have to be natural and not mechanical. You can’t sit with a timer in your hand and count your breaths. It takes enormous efforts and consistent practice for our body to adjust to the natural clocks of the universe. You’ll have to begin by pulling out some time to practice slow, deep and wider breathing. Set a time of the day and do not miss that time no matter what.

  • What You’ll Notice:

Within a week or two, you’ll witness the results of your discipline. Your body will be more stable and won’t notice static nor crackle. It will simply begin to adjust and align itself with the Earth. Your nervous system will slowly evolve and the number of breaths that you take will come down naturally. The fast paced life will not bother you anymore.

  • Say Bye-Bye:

The moment your breath is on the path of stability, the disturbances of your life will be gone. Soon, you’ll gain the ability to see your life clearly and deal with all the petty issues happily. You’ll not need any self-help books or inspirational talks for strength.

  • Smile:

While you are stretching your lungs and belly, let your face stretch too. Smile when you are practicing the deep breaths. It will pass some happy messages to your body, your mind and heart. It will effectively instill happiness and contentment.

BreathingD.I.Y. Steps For Natural And Instinctive Breathing:

  • First Rule is to not take this as an exercise. Practice it as often as you can so that it comes to you naturally every time you do it.
  • Inhale deeply. Let your belly inflate. You will feel a stretch in your lungs.
  • Hold for a moment. This allows the oxygen to reach the cells and saturate them.
  • Exhale slowly with a short burst. This will help your diaphragm activate.
  • Choose a time when you can practice in silence. This will help you to monitor yourself with focus.

Once the practice seeps into your system, you’ll no longer need to set out time for it. The slow, rhythmic breathing will become a part of you. Every thought you think and every action you do will match the beats of your breathing.