The only certain thing about life is that it is uncertain. The fact that uncertainties cannot be controlled make people look down upon it. But, they are looking down upon their own life.

What Do We Need?

We need a new attitude, an approach to looking at life and its uncertainties afresh. One has to learn that uncertainties mean limitless possibilities.

In the given space [body] and time [life], you can have different takes upon your living. You open up to artistic creativity as you are no longer confined to two dimensional, three dimensional or even four or five dimensional way of living.

It is not easy to open up to the ‘Eternal Principle’ of Freedom. The path is an unseen terrain and you have to have the faith. But, in this age of advancements and losing faith, we need to work on our basics.

Life for Spirit is an attempt to ‘Simple Living’ for ‘Realization’ and ‘Freedom’!

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